Want to be the the biggest douche in your marketing department? Get familiar with the buzziest new advertising acronyms of 2016!
  1. B2BB
    Businesses that sell mainly to Basic Bitches (Ugg, Starbucks, Skinny Girl Alcohol, Marc Jacobs)
  2. AC/DC Testing
    Testing really old email subjects with equally as old but different email bodies.
  3. FJSPP - Fat Jew Stolen Post Percentage
    Percentage of your original content that has been stolen and reposted by the Fat Jew
  4. CPFB - Cost Per Fan Boy
    The amount of money spent on brand impressions needed to get someone to post about your product or service on a social media.
  5. E/T Ratio - Emoji to (non-emoji) Text Ratio
    Examples in nature have been as high as 1000% in teenage Instagram posts.
  6. ROIL - Return on Intern Labor
    Actual value received from your buddies kid who gets paid $10/hour to sit around your office all day.