I've been a fan of Tottenham Hotspur (they are a team from North London) for almost a decade. During that time the EPL or English Premier League has made great advances breaking into US living rooms.
  1. The fans are amazing!
    They sing songs in unison. They dance in unison. They flip off opposing players (sometimes in unison).
  2. The timing of the games are great for early risers.
    As someone who wakes up automatically at 7am (damn you adult life!) the EPL is great for westcoasters. I can drink my coffee and watch the game and have my whole weekend free.
  3. The LACK of scoring
    I rather like the low scoring nature of the game. Nothing like your team scoring a winning goal in the dying minutes of the game. And while the occasional 0-0 draw does happen - it only occurs about 8% of the time. http://fivethirtyeight.com/features/in-126-years-english-football-has-seen-13475-nil-nil-draws/
  4. Every game is available to watch LIVE on TV as long as you have a basic sports package on cable or satellite!
    This is not true for any American sport if you think about it. NFL / MLB / NBA / NHL and NCAA all require costly additional packages and some (MLB and NFL) are not even available on Cable.
  5. Relegation!
    You come on the bottom 3 places of the league - you get demoted to the lower league. With the huge EPL TV broadcast deal this could mean the difference of 10's of millions of dollars for a club. You will never see this in American sports because team owners are way to powerful.
  6. The best length of game / actual gameplay ratio
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