1. Elsa: Avory
    The Disney princess that looks most like Aves. Both are capable to build dope ice castles. Like Elsa, Avory is scared to hurt the people she loves.
  2. Anna: Mary Reed
    Mary is a quality sister. Always there for her sister(s) and is understanding. Her and Avory sled together so that's enough to consider them perfect for these roles
  3. Olaf: Royce
    Always trying to talk to the ladies and singing songs about places they'd rather be (Chicago and Summertime).
  4. Kristoff: Tanner
    The type of dude to drop what he's doing to help you with whatever you need. Would be homies with both.
  5. Sven: Rylie
    Pretty sure Sven is a guy but in this remake Rylie fits better than any other dude. Rylie is funny and friendly like Sven. Would be homies with both.
  6. Hans: Michael
    Always getting into lady trouble
  7. Grandpa troll: Rugh
    It's obviously they both have magically powers and they stay rolling around to get places they need to go, in Rugh's case "hover".