Not all students, not all characters, all accurate.
  1. Finn - Me
    After researching similar lists, I've discovered that I'm most like Finn. I like to think that we both can have a sense of humor in the worst of times. At first, I would run until my friends/family was in danger then I'd flip a switch.
  2. Rey - Catherine
    Popular choice. I see why. Cat and Rey are both out spoken women that do what needs to be done. Both have an array of talents
  3. Han Solo - Carter
    At first kind of his own guy, but now a part of a growing family. Carter and Han are both dads with kid tendencies. Both are cool to hang with
  4. Chewy - Brandon Norton
    Much like Chewy, probably the best person in the universe at hugging. Also everyone's secret favorite.
  5. Leia - Skye
    Just seems a lot more chill in those movie and Skye Matlock is the pinnacle of chill. I also feel like Skye might have the force.
  6. Kylo Ren - Royce
    They both contain serious rage but have glimpses of hope. Both are fresh. I'm sure Kylo has blood pressure issues as well.
  7. BB-8 - Mark
    Quick to love and always getting us in trouble if ya know what I mean
  8. R2-D2 - Parker
    Dependable and independent. Shows up late to the party (rip) but still an OG (not rip cuz you're fresh)
  9. Poe Dameron - Matt Hamilton
    These dudes are as cool as the other side of the pillow
  10. Maz Kanata - Avory
    So little and wise
  11. Luke Skywalker - Tanner
    Not always present, but always being searched for. Both could catch a fly with chopsticks. Would enjoy breakfast for dinner with both.
  12. J.J Abrams - Rugh
    What's a movie without a director? And whats a youth group without Rugh? Both irreplaceable, Rugh is most likely to direct the dope spinoff movies.