It made me stop at 15.
  1. Avory and Buddy
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    My 2 favorite people in 1 picture. Powerful.
  2. Study buddy Aves
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  3. Hoco(TRAP) Queen Aves
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  4. Young Aves with a handsome 7th grader with oodles of potential
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  5. Crazy eyes Aves
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  6. Anniversary Aves
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  7. Pissed cusser Aves
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  8. FaceTime Shleepy Aves
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  9. School spirit Aves
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  10. Aves and ChiTown1Hunna
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  11. Lawyer Aves
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  12. Avory and Walt
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    Rival of Calvin and Hobbes
  13. Road warrior Aves pt. 1
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  14. Road warrior Aves pt. 2
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  15. Birthday Aves
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