5 players don't make a team. So I made sure this Presidential Squad had reinforcements and a Leader from the sideline, Coach FDR
  1. Point Guard: Ulysses S. Grant
    The renowned general of the Union led the North to victory. He's the point guard for his strategic mind and aggression. Though he had a drinking problem, he had a shot at an all star team. Look for the "Floor General" to lead the team with double digit assists on a nightly basis.
  2. Shooting Guard: John "Fitz" Kennedy
    Fitz is the shooter. Sadly he did get shot, but not before he shot the lights out in the gym. JFK always finds a way to get open for a good look from long range. Look for their opponents to go over screens to try to take away his position.
  3. Small Forward: Thomas "Too Quick" Jefferson
    TJ is the man to take the defender off the dribble straight to the bucket. He uses his size and responsiveness to reach his basketball potential. Look for General Grant to push the ball up the court in transition with Jefferson.
  4. Power Forward: Barack "yo ankles" Obama
    Get it? Barack? Like break? Hilarious. Anyways, Obama is a great overall power forward with the quickness of a guard. Father Time, compared to his teammates, is on his side so Barack will be playing a good amount of minutes each game. Look for the pick and roll with him and JFK to be effective and occasionally lead to a nasty alley oop.
  5. Center: Abraham "Honest Abe" Lincoln
    If the dude can post up half of a nation he shouldn't have any trouble posting up 7 footers. Abe is the captain of the team and able to hold his teammates accountable to improve the team as a whole
  6. Bench:
    •PG - Dwight D. Eisenhower: short, quick, smart. •SG - George Washington: chop down trees, knock down 3's. •SF - Ronald Reagan: the chandler parsons of the squad, charming smile and perimeter threat. •PF - William Taft: fat man that can snag rebounds. •C - Bill Clinton: Tower of a man. Sneaky sucka
  7. Coach: Franklin D. Roosevelt
    His body may have contained his athletic potential, his brain capacity for the game of basketball had no limits. He was the original Zen Master before Phil Jackson. Not to mention he served 4 terms, he was a veteran of the game.