1. Came across this today.
  2. First thought: LAME
  3. Second thought:
  4. Oh cool! Okay, you have my attention.
  5. You said that.
  6. It does seem that way, yes.
  7. And I am neither!
  8. "Here is how a book works" ?? This is getting a little condescending, @bjnovak
    Don't talk to me like I'm a child.
  9. And then things got interesting......
  10. AND
  11. Stayed interesting!
    I don't know why I doubted.
  12. Obviously, I'm not going to reveal the entire book, you cheap-o.
  13. Go buy it for your(self) kids!
  14. I'll just leave you with one more teaser.
  15. 😱
  16. Oh and I also found this.
    Can I assume relation the way I do with every Novak on this app?
  17. If so,
  18. This family is pretty prolific.
    I may have walked out with three different Novak books. I may also have a spending problem....