1. Baby Jesus
    Savior of the world, star of the show, totally adorable, eyebrows on fleek.. I could go on
  2. Wise Man #2
    Dope hat, doped up expression, cool outfit, brought a gift
  3. Camel
    Coy smile, deep eyes say "I write introspective poetry," and knows how to accessorize
  4. Mary
    Just had a baby during pre-epidural times, looks serene and gorgeous
  5. Wise Man #3
    Best dressed, good looking, stays humble, that kneel is so suave, also brought a gift
  6. Shepherd
    Fur vest long before Kim K, represent for the working class, is holding chocolate because my nana couldn't find his gift in the holiday decor box. TBH Baby Jesus probably wanted chocolate way more than frankincense. Go ahead, shepherd. Go ahead
  7. Sheep
    Way cute, furry, basking in the Baby Jesus glow
  8. Other sheep
    Stick together always so +10 for loyalty, +50 for furry
  9. Joseph
    Supportive husband, cool beard, outfit is kind of lame tbh
  10. Donkey
    Not furry like the sheep, doesn't accessorize like the camel, doesn't talk. Step up your game donkey
  11. Wise Man #2
    Not chill at all, posture says "look at me," is holding a sword near a baby. Generally uncool