I love these things. You love these things. Everyone loves these things. These things are awesome. Quit pretending like being interested in these things is an interesting thing about you.
  1. Pizza lovers
    Americans eat 350 slices of pizza every second. We get it. Pizza is awesome. Everyone loves it. You are not special.
  2. Disney fanatics
    Oh my gosh, please tell me more about how OBSESSED you are with Disney! No, no, you're right! I don't understand!! Right, of course, there's no way I can really, really understand how uniquely intense your Disney passion is! You are not special.
  3. Batman/other super hero fans
    This applies to a lot of you super hero fans; but I call out Batman people because they are the worst offenders. Dark Knight Rises was the 7th highest grossing film of all time. Obviously you aren't the only one buying the bat-koolaid. You are not special.
  4. Anyone who says "______ is my thing."
    It probably isn't.
  5. Newlyweds
    We get it. You're in love. It happens to most people. Your gushing will actually be cuter and way more credible after you've been married for longer than a month.
    Suggested by @mamie