Moments I had with survivors while interning with an organization that fights sex trafficking in Houston.
  1. Filming ourselves lip syncing Let It Go
    There were costumes involved
  2. Making fajitas
    She told me that I season food pretty well "for a white girl." I was thrilled
  3. Trying to buckle her baby into a car seat for 35 minutes
    These things now employ space age technology
  4. Getting lost on our way to Chik-fil-a
    We never found it
  5. Talking about our pipe dreams
    Hers: to be a professional poker player in Vegas
  6. Showing her the ropes when it comes to finding cheap textbooks
    Because I'm a pro
  7. Searching for authentic Thai food
    She refused to eat anywhere where the servers spoke English
  8. Two-stepping
    I had to show her how TX girls do it
  9. Doing many more ordinary things
  10. Because they were ordinary women