Crazy art people, I salute you.
  1. Henning von Berg, Nudes in Parliament
  2. Alejandro Cartagena, Monterrey truck beds
  3. Jonathon Hobin, In the Playroom
  4. Seth Casteel, underwater dogs
  5. Jo Teeuwisse, WWII composites
  6. Andy Wells, Stormtroopers
  7. Jason Baalman, Cheetos Candidates
  8. Webcomic XKCs, Click and Drag
  9. Dave Engledow, worlds best father 2013 calendar
  10. Harvard Ph.D. student Alex Parker, Starry Night
  11. Jell-O Cities, San Fran Liz Hickok
  12. The Accident Series, Zeren Badar
  13. Coffee Art, Bernulia
  14. Starry cities, Thierry Cohen
  15. Project Monsoon