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  1. Whisky for the Holy Ghost
Not in chronological order, that would make too much sense and I don't work that way.
  1. Sept 12, 1984 (as noted on poster), Joe's Star Lounge, Ann Arbor MI
    Right around when Let it Be was released. Wednesday night, school just getting going, still warm out, me just back from a year abroad, hungry for rock and roll. Joe's was a great, basically perfect bar. That show was not crowded. All of the Schoolkids Records staff were there, of course, and a few others, but it wasn't crowded. Great show, they weren't sloppy drunk.
  2. December 1984, also Joe's Star Lounge.
    This time it was packed. They had blown up over the autumn and were now officially big time. Bob was nervous before the show and may have been amped up on something. As we all were. Chris told a cute girl not to laugh at his poor drumming skills right before they started. Joe made an announcement that Paul had told him this would be their last show at Joe's, basically because they had outgrown it.
  3. NYC Beacon, first row. 1986. The now infamous "where's Bob?" Tshirt night. So I scrawled "where's Bob?" on a tshirt and as we had front row seats, surely they'd see it. And Tommy was not happy. Flipped me, and my rowdy mate, off, and, mid-song, motioned to like, yeah, let's fight! I blame my friend. Great show though.
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  1. 1999
    I suggest you give this a listen, again, and let your mind be completely blown. The whole thing, every song. Three words, as they say: Lady Cab Driver
Where to start. Hold me know still practically makes me weep, Shout is just so totally balls out, and love plus 1 pretty much sums up the 80's, and it's sort of pornographic. Three great songs.
  1. Haircut 100 - Love plus One
  2. Thompson Twins - Hold me now
  3. Tears for Fears - Shout