1. Everybody
    by Ingrid Michaelson. Tells the story that everyone needs to hear, we all want love
  2. Dance So Good
    by Wakey!Wakey! From the show One Tree Hill which I just began watching. However the song was showed to me by a friend and the lyrics are just so full of love and kindness
  3. Lost Boy
    by Ruth B. It's all about Peter Pan and the lost boys, and to me the thought of being so free and flying away to a new world sounds like a wonderful adventure
  4. Love Story
    by Taylor Swift. Gives a happy ending to a tragic love story. Just a fun song that makes me feel happy
  5. Today
    by Williamette Stone (originally by The Smashing Pumpkins). Reminds me that we are here in the present and to embrace every moment. I love this version because of the use of the cello
  6. You Make My Dreams
    by Hall & Oates. Such a fun song
  7. Somebody Like You
    by Keith Urban. A super happy and cute song that I love to play while I'm driving with the windows down in the summer
  8. I Want the Sky
    by Lucy Schwartz. I first heard this song in the movie Monte Carlo. Since then I have loved it because it makes me feel like I am floating in the clouds
  9. Follow the Sun
    by Xavier Rudd. Gives us perspective, showing us that living right now is all we really need to do
  10. A Life That's Good
    by Lennon & Maisy. A happy song that reminds me to always be thankful for everything I have
  11. How to Save a Life
    by The Fray. A staple song in one of my favorite shows Grey's Anatomy. But also a song that I can just sing to forever when I feel sad
  12. I Don't Want to Be
    by Gavin DeGraw. All about being who you are. That's what I'm all about