My 5-year-old cousin is visiting from Texas for the next 3 weeks.
  1. Addi: "I want to send it to Addi! Myself!" Me: "You don't have Snapchat." Addi: "I know. I don't have phone."
  2. Me: "Your nails aren't painted! We'll give you a makeover." Addi: "Ok but don't make me a clown!"
  3. @aubreywhy: "You have to find a boy to marry when you're older." Addi: "Him!" *points to my dad* @aubreywhy: "You can't marry your uncle. Sorry." Addi: "I have to marry a boy I don't know?!"
  4. "I'm not gonna tickle you! I just want to put my hand under your neck!"
  5. 🎶"Do you know the butter girl, the butter girl, the butter girl?"🎶
    To the tune of The Muffin Man.
  6. "The boy found a new wife!!"
    As we're looking through my brother's wedding pictures. He's only had one wife 😂
  7. "She doesn't like kisses from you anymore!"
    While looking at a kissing picture from the wedding 😂😂
  8. "I'm REALLY young for this."
    Before a kid's trampoline birthday party.