My dad @yutzyheat and I could not stop laughing. She wasn't amused.
  1. "I can't live like this!!"
    Her cupholders were full so she was holding her coffee while trying to navigate for my dad.
  2. "I should've cleaned this up!"
  3. "I'm so mad at myself!"
  4. "I left wipes on the table at home." Me: "Why can't you use these wipes?" "They dried out!!"
    She frantically rummaged through the contents of the glove compartment to find something to clean with.
  5. "I just know this was full of stuff and I should've put my coffee down."
  6. "I'm glad I can make you laugh in the midst of my craziness."
  7. "I just need a nap."
    After I just read this list to her.
  8. "I'll just let the coffee dry on my leg. People are gonna think I peed. Although my jeans are dark."