My cousin is quite the character. He's full of witty remarks, so I thought I'd start a running list of his quotes.
  1. He's 10, and I can't believe how tall he is.
  2. "Give me your crayons. The crayons come with the package."
    He took our crayons so we couldn't cheat on our game while he got his food at the buffet.
  3. "Some things smell like they taste. It's complicated."
    As he shoves fried chicken into his mouth.
  4. "No! You'll turn it into a catchphrase!"
    I asked him what he said because I missed a good quote and this was his response 😂
  5. "Well, I come up with them. They're original."
    After my sister asked where he comes up with these things.
  6. "This music is too good to be stopped."
    While dancing to imaginary music.
  7. "You're writing all of this down?? I'm a blabbermouth."
    After discovering this list.
  8. "Everybody does. I'm awesome!"
    After my mom told him she loves him.
  9. "I love the smell of bacon but I hate that it makes me hungry."
  10. "Did you delete the list yet? Cause I got a whole batch of words." *i pull out my phone* "Yeah, didn't think so."
  11. "I don't know, work! I try to stay out of that office. It's a GOOD thing to stay out of that office."
    After I asked what the administrative assistants at his school do 😂
  12. "I don't know why, but I'm always out first in the quiet game!"
  13. "Tell me something I DON'T know!"
    After my mom told him he's the best and full of personality.
  14. "I wanted to say 'That's why you have a notepad, man!'"
    After our waiter forgot to bring us coffee.
  15. "So, you've stopped writing about me on your phone?"
    After I smiled and pulled up this app he said, "Oh no, I'm gonna shut my mouth."
  16. This isn't a quote, but it's way too funny.
    He's in the washing machine 😂
  17. Static
    Urkel, much?