Guys, I am more in love with this movie than ever.
  1. We just watched the 2017 Golden Globes. We like to record it so we can skip through the people we don't care about.
  2. WOW. La La Land won 7 awards. SEVEN.
  3. It literally won everything it was nominated for 😭
  4. Not only that, but the whole opening sequence of the awards show was inspired by the film!
    In case you were wondering why Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake were waltzing in outer space 😂
  5. Justin Hurwitz won for Best Original Score✨
  6. "City of Stars" won Best Original Song🎶
  7. Damien Chazelle won for Best Screenplay📽
  8. Damien also won for Best Director🎬
  9. Ryan Gosling won for Best Actor Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy🎹
  10. Emma Stone won for Best Actress Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy👗
  11. Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy🎼
  12. See it if you get the chance❤