Look, Autumn! 🎶

  1. It's the first day of autumn!
  2. It's the appropriate season to listen to the She Loves Me (2016) soundtrack!
    There's a song entitled "Three Letters" and it progresses through the fall and winter seasons. And Arpad has this line: *leaves fall from the balcony* "Look, Autumn!" 🍂 The album is now on Spotify, so go listen to it people!
  3. It's now acceptable to stay inside all day!
    I do this year-round, but now people won't get mad that I'm not going outside in the "perfect weather."
  4. It's time for Hallmark movies!
    Hallmark movies are on year-round, but the seasonal ones are the best! (the one above isn't seasonal, but it stars Zac Levi soooo)
  5. It's the start of the holiday season!
    I don't care what you say. It's fall, and that means it'll be Thanksgiving and then Christmas!
  6. I can listen to Christmas music!
    Don't judge. Some of my favorite songs are Christmas songs!