My mom is quite the character. Here are some of her quotes.
  1. "I keep hearing about Michigan. How good it is."
    Randomly during a conversation about Canada 😂
  2. "Like a cup for water when you toothbrush by the toothbrush thing."
    I have no idea what the context was.
  3. "No, not two alcohols in one night."
    She's obviously not a drinker 😂
  4. "Is this the newwwwwws??"
    When my dad turned on the news late at night.
  5. "Ugh, I can feel the bread I ate today. The donuts. My stomach is pouched out."
    After a long day of social eating 😂
  6. "What are some of the more things he said?"
  7. "You look good. I look like double-chin city. Ugh, why did I make that face? I should've sucked my face in. What's wrong with my mouth?"
    While reviewing a silly face picture.
  8. "Did you drink decaf? It's so nice to have decaf around so we don't get high at night."
    She meant "hyped."
  9. 🎶 "If you say it loud enough you'll always sound atrocious." 🎶
    While singing "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious."
  10. "Could you pick something up for me at her office? I need my pills." *everyone laughs* "My vitamins!"
  11. "You guys need to get a-freaking-long!"
    Because I was fighting with my siblings...this quote was followed by a door slam 😂
  12. "I don't like the way they treat the outside of their boxes."
    After a meal from Hot Chicken Kitchen 😂
  13. "Oh, I shouldn't have sat on my leg."
    After the meal, she stood and walked (more like wobbled) around the kitchen.
  14. "It's August?! I knew that. Don't put that on"
  15. "I have no idea what happened to the other earring I was wearing. Maybe it fell out. Maybe I took it out. Annoying!"
  16. "Where's the sweet corn? That sign says "sweet corn."
  17. "Why don't they have back-up caps? You'd think they would, being Olympic...people..."
    After Phelps broke his cap 😂
  18. "Yeah, Dad needs to make listes. Because he THINKS that he can remember everything that he needs. He's been to the store TWICE today and still forgot stuff. Wait, he's been to THREE stores. You need a list."
    Shoutout to @yutzyheat
  19. "I have skin. I'm not just open flesh."
    While talking about a scar that's white and looks like her bone.
  20. "Well, I'm seeing a lot of makeup."
    On the way to church, after I said "Mom, are you taking your makeup off?"
  21. "Ugh! I like to talk and eat. I like to see my food."
    When someone suggested a dine-in movie.
  22. "It was just a mistunderstanding!!"
  23. "Donald Trump always looks like he needs a drink or chapstick."
    While watching the Inauguration
  24. "Is he done? It says done."
    After reading a text from my brother that simply said "done."
  25. "This one's even differenter."
  26. "What do I search on YouTube for tying a knot with one string?"
    @yutzyheat: "...Tying a knot with one string."
  27. "I should do that. Maybe I'll go viral."
    While talking about getting a list account just to get back at me for this list 😂
  28. "Then we went to the bike store." @yutzyheat: "Dick's Sporting Goods."
  29. "I feel like it's been raining for DAYS."
  30. "I don't like when you do that. It's like pain to me."
    After I kept putting my cold feet on her 😂
  31. "I HATE those Kardashians. They need to go."