Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. Static
    We were planning a trip to Cali and my French teacher gave me name of the street that has easy access to the Hollywood sign. We ended up going to NYC and MA instead, so I'm saving this for when we actually make the trek to the West Coast.
  2. Static
    ...yes, I auditioned for HSM4 (I never heard anything back) so I wrote down ideas for which song to send in. I ended up singing Can't Blame a Girl for Trying by Sabrina Carpenter.
  3. Static
    These are the songs I would like at my wedding. There's way more to this list, including general wedding ideas, but I decided to just show a snippet.
  4. Static
    Can you tell I like music? This note is for song mashups/medleys that randomly pop into my head on a regular basis. Hopefully I'll make them a reality someday. I've actually arranged the mashup of God of Wonders and Galaxies, and it turned out very nicely.
  5. Static
    This note is to keep track of how many community service hours I have for National Honor Society. I need 25 hours per semester, so every minute counts!!
  6. Static
    My youth group has started doing Bible memory every week, and I decided to keep track of which passages we were memorizing so that *hopefully* I'll remember them all even after some time has passed.
  7. Static
    This note is MUCH longer than what's shown. I have quite the list of to-watch, and the green checks are shows that I've watched all the way through.