Requested by @justjills
  1. Last week, my family vacationed in New York City for 2 days
  2. My wonderful sister, @aubreywhy, bought Broadway tickets for us and our mom. Aubrey is a huge fan of Zachary Levi, (because of Chuck and Tangled), and really wanted to see him star in the revival of the '60's musical, She Loves Me.
  3. I was on board from the start because Flynn Rider. I am the biggest Disney fan, and I've also seen Zac in a Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie called Remember Sunday.
    I would highly recommend that if you're looking for a good chick flick.
  4. We arrived in NYC on Thursday, and we spent the whole day in the city. My sister and I could. not. wait. to see the show. We both love musicals and had never seen a Broadway show before.
    Aubrey had also read that Zac was known to sign autographs and take picture afterwards, so that was exciting.
  5. The show was FANTASTIC. I can't wait for the soundtrack to come out so I can learn all the words.
    My mom was amazed at the quality of the show, since we had only seen high school and community theatre prior to She Loves Me.
  6. When the Finale and bows started, Aubrey told me to get up. I fast-walked to the stage door to try and get a good spot in line.
    We ended up THIRD in line to meet the cast. I was ecstatic.
  7. Laura Benanti pre-signed a bunch of Playbills because she had to leave right after the show.
    That was so sweet of her!
  8. Then I had Gavin Creel, Tom McGowan, Jane Krakowski, and Nicholas Barasch sign aforementioned Playbill.
    So I had 5 Broadway actors sign my Playbill and Zac hadn't even come out yet?!
  9. Then, it happened. Zachary Levi appeared. He set up speakers and blasted Justin Timberlake.
    It was a party.
  10. He went through the line and signed everyone's Playbills and said he'd go back through and get pictures.
    As he signed my Playbill, I told him he was my favorite Disney prince. He said, "Thank you. You have good taste!" 😍
  11. After about 15-20 minutes of waiting, he came back through and got pictures.
    He put his hand on my shoulder and my profile picture was born.
  12. Static
    Sweetest guy ever.