1. Well, @aubreywhy told me that she saw that Everybody Loves Raymond was on Hulu.
  2. After reading all the comments on my last list: WHEN NETFLIX LETS YOU DOWN
  3. I decided to use the free trial of Hulu and then pay for monthly subscriptions until I finish ELR.
  4. Guess what!
  6. As of February 2015.
  7. What is this world coming to??
  8. So now my options are down to:
  9. A. Borrow the seasons from the library
  10. Or B. Buy either the box set or individual seasons from Amazon
  11. Which means ELR won't be on my phone for convenient watching.
  12. Which means I'll have to sit down in the living room to watch it, either way.
  13. First world problems.
  14. Thanks a lot, Hulu.