1. Pediatrician
    K-2nd grade. Even as a kid, I always knew I loved tiny humans. A doctor for tiny humans seemed the most obvious choice to help kids.
  2. Bus Driver
    2nd grade. Beautiful transition from Doctor to bus driver. We can thank Ms. Sandy, my bus driver for second grade. She would sing us songs over the intercom of the school bus and would let us go up to the front and sing songs into the intercom. It was great. It looked like fun, AND I got to hang out with kids; win win.
  3. Movie star/dancer/pediatrician/teacher
    There was a period of time that it was impossible for me to decide. Famous sounded like fun, but I was shy. Dancer seemed like a cool, strong, and beautiful way to live, but I couldn't dance for the life of me. Doctor was definitely in the table but I started to realize Id have to be in school for a long time. Teacher seemed reasonable.
  4. Teacher
    This was pretty solid until high school.