Even the second time around, the same thoughts arise when u have a newborn.
  1. Wow the sunrise. Haven't seen that since my 20's. It's so quiet I like it
    Ok it's been 3 weeks I've seen plenty.
  2. Did I brush my teeth? No. I need to do that.
    Repeat thought until bedtime and you realize you never did.
  3. Is that my armpits or spit up I smell?
    Did I even put on deodorant?
  4. Should I shower?
    What's the point? (See spit up)
  5. Coffee. I need coffee. To survive.
    Nothing like Dunkin and if u go visit a new mom, bring some. We are the walking dead.
  6. Whoever says their baby slept through the night since birth is an asshole.
    Or lying. Or they forgot.
  7. Really baby? You're hungry every hour?
    At least I'm burning tuns of calories. Sorry nipples.
  8. I'm so skinny already! Thanks breastfeeding!
    ... Till you try to put on regular clothes instead of your pjs and realize you aren't THAT skinny. Psyche
  9. I'll never take 2 hours of uninterrupted sleep for granted again.
  10. This time will fly by. It just doesn't feel like it right now. Hang in there. You will sleep again.