Things that I didn't think we're weird when they were happening but now I'm like that is so weird.
  1. Field trip to the sewage plant
    So in sixth grade we walked across town and took a tour of the sewage plant. Like literally looking at SHIT. On a FIELD TRIP.
  2. The ice pop prize
    In second grade there was a competition to see who could read the most books and then take the book tests on Accelerated Reader. I tried so hard to come in first and this was like the hugest deal ever. The prize was a box of those cheap ass frozen ice pops (the ones that are just liquid in long skinny bags until you freeze them). I accepted it as if it were cold but it was probably like $1.
  3. Getting our boating license
    In sixth grade a police officer came and gave us a quick lesson on boating, told us what "starboard" meant and then we were just handed boating licenses. I feel like 12 year olds shouldn't be allowed to operate boats just like that.
  4. Birthday spanks
    I am 100% not joking, but this was a thing. In kindergarten, on your birthday, you could choose to get as many hugs or spanks as they age you were turning. Most people picked hugs but one time, someone actually chose the spanks and it went down in front of everyone. WTF.