5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

  1. A Puppy I Saw at Work
    I used to have an Instagram account for all of the dogs that I would see when I was working. It was mildly successful.
  2. That Time it Snowed in Birmingham, AL
    I am from Pennsylvania so snow is not a big deal to me, but I do enjoy it. The South has no clue how to handle snow or ice or any weather other than extreme heat.
  3. A Picture of a Picture of My Wife and I at the Zoo
    We. Love. The. Zoo.
  4. One of the Many Times at Disney
    I am a huge fan of all the things Orlando has to offer. We are actually moving to Orlando in August! I think I am the biggest Harry Potter fan you could meet. So I am excited to go to Universal all the damn time.
  5. A Wedding Picture of My Best Bud Chris
    Chris started all the dancing. He is not afraid to be the biggest idiot in the room and that's why I love him.
  6. BONUS: My Wife is Knows Best
    I insisted we would have no problem driving my car up this icy snow covered hill. She begged me to reconsider. I did not. My car slid back down and got stuck. We sat in the frigid cold for a few hours before she saved the day.