Inspired by @jon
  1. Meryl Streep
    An incandescent actor. Amazing range and subtlety.
  2. Stephen King
    Mistakenly dismissed as just a genre writer. For a sense of the man's accomplishments or just to learn how to wade into King's vast catalogue, check out James Smythe's series, "Re-reading Stephen King," in UK paper, The Guardian.
  3. Roger Angell
    Wrote his first column for the New Yorker in 1944(!) and his writing still startles and amazes me. His 2015 New Yorker column, "This Old Man," is the most poignant piece of writing about getting old that I've ever read.
  4. Jon Stewart
    I love Colbert, Oliver, Samantha Bee. But Jon Stewart was the first and he was the best.
  5. Steve Martin
    Trailblazing comedian, actor, novelist, art collector, banjo player, and for the first time at 67, a father. So much to talk about.
  6. Mary-Louise Parker
    Sitting next to me.
  7. Kareem-Abdul Jabbar
    You need at least one boyhood hero at the table. Sky hook was a thing of majesty. Never afraid to be unpopular, Kareem is still a giant as a thought leader and writer.
  8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
    At 83, she's small and a bit frail, and is a cancer survivor. But RBG was every bit Scalia's equal, and remains a powerful and essential voice on the Supreme Court.
  9. Tina Fey
    Who wouldn't want Tina Fey at their dinner party?
  10. Lin-Manuel Miranda
    Who could have imagined it, let alone had the imagination, talent, and sheer determination to pull it off?