I'm new here so why the heck not? Inspired by @kcupcaker who was inspired by @roaringsoftly
  1. Hi! My name is Geann (Gee, Ann).
    This is actually my nickname because my full first name has a hyphen and 10 letters total and I'm not down to type it out every time.
  2. I'm pretty short.....
    I'm 4'10"/4'11" but I like to tell people I'm five feet because you know, rounding.
  3. I'm a lefty and I'm proud.
  4. I was born and raised in San Diego, CA.
    America's finest city!
  5. I am a 20 year old majoring in Psychology.
    Don't really know what I'm gonna do with it, though.
  6. I am a sucker for rom-coms
    I will most likely love any romantic comedy movie, tv show, or book you recommend me.
  7. I am constantly looking for new music to listen to
    I love finding the newest of the new bands to jam to and rave about. I blame Spotify's amazing curated Fresh Finds and Discovery Weekly playlists for this. If you're in need of new music or want to talk about music, hit me up!
  8. I love music in general.
    Besides constantly trying to find new music, I'm an avid concert goer; once a month is my rule. I also was in a choir for four years.
  9. I overthink. A lot. And I'm extremely indecisive.
    Like right now, I keep thinking about whether or not I should include this bullet, but I guess I just made my point. Haha
  10. I LOVE pasta. And cheese.
    I eat pasta at least once a week and something with cheese like everyday. I honestly think I love pasta more than my own culture's food.... Is that wrong to say? Oh well.
  11. I am actually okay with how HIMYM ended
    Well, NOW I am. Sure, they threw away the character development, but the finale had a deep meaning to it and I like meaningfulness. And yes, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite tv show!
  12. I'm bad at introducing myself first
    I'm bad at introductions, but I love meeting new people. And I looove love love hearing about other people's lives and what they're into. Let's be friends!! :-)