I HAVEN'T MADE A LIST IN FOREVER YIKES. Got a list of shows lined up for the rest of the year. Consider this a music recommendation too.
  1. Weezer and Panic! at the Disco
    For someone who grew up listening to these two bands, I still haven't seen them live. I cannot WAIT.
  2. Local Natives
    Oh me oh my. One of, if not, my favorite band EVERRR. SO stoked to see them in September. AND I can't wait for their new album to come out!!! (Sounds like: The Shins, Band of Horses, Grizzly Bear, etc)
  3. Wet
    Odd band name, but do not be fooled; their music is beautiful! Can't wait to jam to their somber songs live and get all up in my feels! (Sounds like: Banks, Broods, Låpsley)
  4. LANY
    I found out about this band last year two weeks after they played a small show in my city, which is always lame when that happens. I actually just bought a ticket today during presale! (Sounds like: The 1975, Oh Wonder, The Japanese House)
  5. The Temper Trap
    Yes. Yes times a million. You guys might know this band from the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack with their song "Sweet Disposition." Maaaan, am I so ready to cry to that song. Haven't seen this band yet, either, so this show is gonna be special for me!
  6. Young the Giant
    Everything they do musically is always sooo good. Known them since the beginning and they just never disappoint me. Plus, Sameer's voice is majestic.
  7. M83
    Haven't bought my ticket yet, but I know I'm going. I have to. Their music is life changing. If you don't listen to them, start now, especially during the nighttime! (Sounds like: MGMT, Empire of the Sun, an emotional movie soundtrack)
  8. There's probably more than this.
    But too lazy to check....