I still have summer classes to attend, but I'm going to have much more free time to do what I wanna do! Wooo, summer!!!
  1. Dye my hair
    I haven't dyed my hair in a while and I'm tired of my plain black hair. Doing this tomorrow! :-)
  2. Go to San Francisco
    One of the first things I'm doing this summer is drive up to NorCal with some of my family. Last time I was there was three years ago. This time, we'll be there for three-ish days so I hope I get to do all that I want to do!
  3. Read all the books I've purchased
    I have about ten books that I bought throughout the semester and haven't read any of them yet. Pretty excited to read for leisure and not for studying.
  4. Catch up on all the cool shows everybody's watching
    I have a pretty long list of shows I haven't started/am not caught up with yet that everybody likes to talk about. I wanna be in the loop too!
  5. Clear out my Netflix list
    There's too many movies I have on my list that I haven't brought myself to watch. Might as well get to them now before they get removed!
  6. Get my freakin' license
    I'm 20, but I still don't have my license because of financial reasons and my anxiety. Buuut! Better late than never! ....right?
  7. Go to San Diego County fair
    This. This is what I'm really excited about. The rides, the free concerts, the rigged games, the unhealthy yet delicious deep fried food. I'm aiming to go at least three times this year!