What I've Done the Past Week

I haven't made a list in a week!
  1. I went to a Bernie Sanders rally for the second time in National City
    This was a big deal for my neighborhood, and for me especially. Everybody comes to San Diego, but nobody ever goes to National City specifically. Of course, the rally was a really nice experience and got everyone pumped for the California primaries.
  2. I finally finished watching Mad Men
    It took me almost a year to watch the show on Netflix when I usually finish a show in just a few months. I'm still having Mad Men withdrawals.
  3. I've been sleeping for eight hours total every night
    Perks of having no classes and being on summer break (until June 13.... yay summer classes)!
  4. I had jury duty
    But I postponed it to August because I found out my assigned courthouse was apparently terrible.
  5. I packed for San Francisco a week early
    I'm just the type of person to be prepared a little too early out of excitement.
  6. I started watching a new show
    I started watching Lost.... I've seen a handful of random episodes, so I decided to just watch the whole thing. It took me two days to watch season one.
  7. I brought my 12 year old cousin to his first show
    We saw famous Youtubers. We're most likely going to be in a vlogbrothers and WheezyWaiter video.