Growing up, my parents allowed and encouraged us to have as many pets as we could care for.
  1. In toddlerhood: 2 fish named Loggie and Shrmph (not sure of the spelling on that last one since I was pre-literate when I named him)
  2. In elementary school:
  3. A frog, Tad
    We ordered him through the mail.
  4. A beta fish, Fighter
    This was really my brother's, but I'll include it here.
  5. 2 hamsters
    Totally blanking on their names! I think one was Bunny??? These little guys were a huge hit!
  6. A demon-cat, Sunny
    Can't tell you how many times that cat ambushed me and dug his claws into my tiny fleshy legs
  7. 2 hermit crabs, unnamed
  8. 2 rabbits: Cotton and Katie
  9. A cat, Fluffy
    Fluffy was my most beloved pet until I became allergic to cats in high school
  10. A dog, Lucky
    Lucky followed my dad home one day and we decided to keep her. She looked like the Luckdragon on Neverending Story, hence the name. Tragically and also poetically, she got lost on a walk with my dad after living with our family for 13 (?) years. It was out in the country, we never saw her again, and I'm sure she died in the wild. Lucky was my dog and her loss was heartbreaking for me. 11 years after her death, I still tear up sometimes.
  11. Various toads that we caught in the summer and kept a day or two in the sandbox.
  12. In Middle School:
  13. A cat, Dillie
    Dillie was from Fluffy's second litter. There were only 2 kittens in the litter and the other kitten died. Dillie looked, walked, and acted like a lion...which I guess is why we eventually had to find him a new home.
  14. In high school:
  15. A dog, Pete
    Pete was such an epically amazing dog, with the most incredible sense of humor. He died last year, and lived a long and happy life.