Requested by Rye


As much as I'd like to say that I watch Project Runway for the fashion, it's the hope that I'll have another contestant to root for (or against) that draws me back in, season after season. At the request of my friend and viewing partner, here's a list of my favorite contestants--good and bad--on Project Runway.
  1. Unquestioned favorite: ANTHONY RYAN AULD
    Look at that hair. Look at that smile. Anthony Ryan made everything better his season. Slight sass, a southern accent, and a heavy use of birdseed, this guy is my unequivocal favorite.
  2. Second place: KELLY DEMPSEY
    Home girl was slighted this past season. Kelly's funky and creative style kept the workroom energized and my heart full of fashion joy. 9.7/10
  3. Third place: FÄDE ZU GRAU
    Fäde was great. Fäde IS great. I didn't care for his designs, but Fäde was such a mythical being that didn't take any shade because no one would ever throw it his way. Easy, breezy, Fäde-iful.
  4. Third most annoying: KORINA EMMERICH
    Char wasn't great, but you didn't have to pain her like that, Korina. No, I don't care that you apologized in the after-finale episode. Designs: 8/10. Shadiness: 10/10
  5. Second most annoying: KEN LAURENCE
    Ken is an emotional balloon, inflated with anger and drama. When he pops--hold on to your friggen hat.
    Quick question-- how can you always be the victim when you WON THE SHOW? Maybe you fell victim to creative editing, but to make someone out to be the villain, they have to be at least a lil' bad.
  7. Honorable mention: JOSHUA MCKINLEY
    I love Josh for all the wrong reasons. I live my life by a quote that came out of one of his many many fights: "She was rockin' my NERVES." Funny, argumentative, talented: though contentious, Josh will remain one of my favorite Project Runway characters until the day Heidi Klum is replaced by some young thang.