I know this is like a week late, but I just downloaded the list app today!
  1. Buying tickets to the Women's World Cup final
    I was itching to travel, so in March, on a whim, I bought tickets to the women's World Cup final in Vancouver.
  2. Seattle
    I flew to Seattle by myself for 4th of July with plans to rent a car and head up to Vancouver if the USWNT made the final. I rediscovered just how much I love going new places.
  3. Seeing the USWNT win the World Cup
    What a game.
  4. Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour
    Best. Night. Ever.
  5. Therapy
    Therapy is rad.
  6. Journaling
    I started writing again. Writing is therapeutic. Writing is happiness.
  7. Running a marathon
    Six weeks after kind of a mind fuck of a breakup, I ran my first marathon. Hands down one of the best things I've ever done. Highly recommended.
  8. My birthday
    I had a lot of fun!
  9. November
    Post breakup I went to Florida, California, Connecticut, Boston, and New York. I ran two half marathons and a 10K. I saw my sisters and my favorite cousin. I ran away. I ran back home.
  10. Rearranging my apartment
    This Christmas I gave myself the gift of making my apartment feel like my own instead of the space I shared with my ex for four years.
  11. Discovery/Rediscovery
    Opening myself up to trying new things, meeting new people, listening to more music, being friendlier, being a better friend, saying yes, and sometimes not.
  12. Pizza
    Every slice, every pie, alone or with friends, new year or not. Pizza is my happy place.
  13. Friends
    I have the best friends. Loves of my life.