Because there is a fine line between self-loathing and self-harm.
  1. Run
  2. Write
  3. Listen to music
  4. Sing along loudly
  5. Text your friends
  6. Call your sister
  7. Knead dough
  8. Draw
  9. Walk
  10. Talk it out, even if it's just to yourself
  11. Take yourself out to dinner
  12. Read in public
  13. Write in public
  14. Do something that you're a little bit scared to do
    Like posting a list laden with vulnerability.
  15. 🛫✈️🏖🌃🏞🏔🏟📸💁✈️🛬
  16. Use emoji
  17. Make plans
  18. Learn something new
  19. Therapy
  20. Stretch
  21. Breathe
  22. Drink
    If this list were in order of how often I deploy each of these strategies, this would be much closer to the top tbh 😜
  23. Eat. Eat well. Nourishing foods. Fruits and veggies.