2017 Themes

How do you follow up the worst year. Will continue to grow as the year grows.
  1. Start doing things for me, not for anyone else.
    What you think of yourself is more important then what others think of you.
  2. Find my identity again and be confident in it.
    Stop second guessing myself. Stop hiding. Stop being ashamed of messing up.
  3. Move forward or let go
    Lingering life decisions weigh a ton
  4. Salah / Quran
    Re-establish both. Only good things happen to me when I'm memorizing.
  5. Become a Leader again
    I've got it in me to take charge. Plan, create. Use my abilities with confidence
  6. Find happiness outside of a relationship
    I couldn't even say what my favorite hobby is. Or what I'm happiest doing.
  7. Stop caring about what everyone thinks.
    Post more. Be open. Be honest. Be out there!
  8. Save half my pay check every month
    Stop spending so much. Cut unneeded cost
  9. Volunteer more
    Helps me stay humble and keeps me happy helping