Story of my life. However you make a good living first so that you have the money to make an even bigger impact. And help out throughout.
  1. 8th grade history teacher.
    A time right before high school so I could stress the importance of the years to come. But also give an accurate depiction of the past worlds.
  2. High-school guidance counselor in a low in-come area.
    College is a possibility for everyone. Just because many people in their circles haven't expected it of them doesn't mean they can't get their, I'd love to show students that.
  3. Food Pantry Operator
    Being able to help people get warm meals everyday, sounds like a dream job to me.
  4. Netflix Content Rater
    I honestly made that up. But it sounds like an ideal job for me.
  5. Professional Ping Pong player
    Not that good but would be fun to play all day
  6. Basketball Analyst
    Watch basketball and talk about it all day? And get paid to do that. Even if it was for a no name blog would be fun