Ways to Convince Your Parents Into Getting​ You a Scooter:

The only thing better than rippin' some sick tricks on a ripstick, is rippin' some sick tricks on a scooter! However, many parents find these awesome rides DANGEROUS and EXPENSIVE! So today, I'll tell you a few ways that you at home, can convince the ol' folks into getting you a scooter.
  1. Make a PowerPoint!
    Now you may be saying, "But wait! I want a scooter! Not a job in marketing!', however, PowerPoints can be a fun and easy way to show your parents​ the truth about scooters, and show that you are a responsible young man/women. Make a slide that shows off a few cool scooters, like the Razor A5 Air, or even the Razor t3! Stay clear of scooters like the Razor Spark 2.0, though. Even though they look super rad, their Spark Bar can be a big no-no for parents.
  2. Show Off a Few Cool Tricks!
    Are you already a scooter master? If so, maybe borrow a friend's scooter, that you're used to riding, and show your parents some sweet tricks. Start by putting on a helmet, then get riding! I recommend to start by showing them a gnarly bunny hop! If you're a more advanced rider, then maybe even do a tailwhip. This will show your parents that you're not a clumsy beginner! Pair this advice with a detailed PowerPoint, and you're on your way to scooter stardom!
  3. Contact a Pro!
    If your parents still aren't budging, then it's​ time to call in the big guns! Many pro scooter riders have a Twitter, email, or even a phone number you can call! Getting a pro to call Mom and Dad, can be a big deal; it shows that you're serious and that you could even make a career out of this awesome hobby!
  4. Just Take a Scooter!
    If those three options don't work for you, then you can always take a scooter. Many stores like Walmart, Target, and Sports Academy carry scooters that you can easily shoplift. Most of these stores keep one or two high-end scooters out of their boxes. So simply just act like your taking one for a quick spin, then head out of the store. Make sure to also take a helmet, kneepads, and elbow pads. The last thing you want to happen in this situation is to get a gross scar!-
  5. Just Take a Scooter! (continued)
    If an employee, or a member of the law enforcement trys to stop you, simply say that the scooter you are riding belongs to you and that you rode it into the store. Maybe even cry a little bit after they approach you, this can show them that you're just an innocent kid. If that doesn't work for you, then yell out something like, "Fuck you asslards!", then proceed leaving the store.
  6. I Hope These Helped!
    Remember at the end of the day scooters are just for fun. So, if you can't get your hands on one of these bad boys, then you can always play with something else. Maybe even a skateboard or bike. Thank you for reading.