i often take photos of rather pointless things, however, i have a meaningful reason why... sorta.
  1. yikes...
    I'm sorry but if your company name has the word "SPUNK" in it... You shouldn't add NUT to any of your products.
  2. sister
    well in that case, i guess i can say... my sister and i are going to have some hot sex tonight.
  3. "bacon"
    "if you or a loved one have recently purchased our "real roasted easy bacon hardwood smoked". please, please give our number a call. 1-800-273-8255"
  4. james brown
    I was recently at a museum in Georgia that has a huge section on James Brown. However, I'm pretty sure all they did for this part of the exhibit is just dump out his suitcase. I'm happy his Maalox got its own pedestal.
  5. sign
    Also, at the museum I mentioned previously, they had this sign to demonstrate how segregation used to be in the United States. However, this sign really did lead to the bathrooms... should I be concerned?
  6. that's all folks.