These are available subtitled or dubbed. I go for the subtitled versions, myself. But some serious voice talent in the dubbed versions. And probably dubbed is better if you have kids.
  1. Spirited Away directed by Hiyao Miyazaki. JAPAN 2001 Wow! Maybe the best animated movie ever made! About a 10 year old girl separated from her parents who finds herself suddenly away from the dull modern world and in a land inhabited by spirits, demons and minor league deities. Chihiro has to not be afraid, find friends and allies, and survive.
  2. Spirited Away Continued...Has detailed, hand-drawn animation, like vintage Disney. Breathtakingly imaginative, with character growth as 10 yr old Chihiro is forced to make her way in a very weird place. Not for young kids...more for adults. This is #29 on on their list of the BEST MOVIES EVER MADE. The top-grossing movie EVER in Japan.
  3. Ernest & Celestine 3 directors BELGIUM/FRANCE/LUXEMBOURG 2012 About a world where bears live above ground and mice live below ground. Each society hates and vilifies the other. Celestine, a young mouse, and Ernest, a bear, are both non-conformists who don't
  4. Continued... subscribe to the hatred and dictums of their own species. They end up becoming good friends. A movie for both kids and adults. US voice talent includes Lauren Bacall, Forest Whitaker and William H Macy. Miraculously played for 2 wks at a multiplex near me, but, sadly, with no publicity. Nominated for an Oscar, but up against Frozen.
  5. Triplets of Belleville
    A swell French film, about a grandma's love, bike racing, kidnapping and three odd sisters. And amazing wonderful music.
  6. Phantom Boy directed by Jean-Loup Felicioni and Alain Gugnol France/Belgium 2015 subtitled A combo of supervillain animated feature with film noir and some tenderness and real human emotions. An 11 year old boy, Leo, seriously ill, who finds he can project his consciousness to distant places and eavesdrop, helps a maverick cop and a journalist to
  7. Continued....attempt to stop a supervillain who wants to destroy NYC with malware. Some character development. Audrey Tatou voices the jounalist! Good for adults or older kids. No dubbed version for younger kids, plus Leo's parents are worried about him maybe you probably wouldn't want young kids to deal with that. Really excellent.
  8. Kirikou
    I was young when I saw this African tale and amazed by the beauty of it: the illustrations, story and song (made by Youssou N'dour ! )
  9. A Town Called Panic
    A French film created entirety with miniature figurines. Bizarre, quirky, and hilarious.
  10. Un monstre à Paris
    Mostly for the soundtrack by Mathieu Chedid especially the main title "la seine" with Vanessa Paradis and Mathieu Chedid
  11. Persepolis 2007 France dir Vincent Parrannaud and Marjane Satrapi
    This is a great movie about a smart but unorthodox girl growing up in Iran during and after the 1979 Revolution. Based on the comic book of the same name by Marjane Satrapi. Informative, funny and very emotionally honest. 8.0 on
  12. Secret of the Kells
    Beautiful story of how the Book of Kells came to be in ancient Ireland. Gorgeous animation, interesting blend of mystique & history
  13. The Wrong Trousers. directed by Nick Park, U.K. 1993, 30 minutes
    This is one of Park's Wallace and Gromit adventures, done in claymation. Wallace is a naive inventor, Gromit is his brilliant, introverted dog. They take in a penguin as a lodger, who makes Wallace an unwitting pawn in a daring heist. Imaginative & hilarious. Won the 1994 Oscar for Best Short Animation. Absolutely see this.