Let's face it, we all need a lot more laughter in daily life, beyond sitcoms and standup and funny cable . One source is comic strips. Some of these are absolutely brilliant, and contemporary. And many have a new one every day. Her a some of my favorites. They might or might not connect with your sense of humor. .......... ONLINE ONLY
  1. www.theoatmeal.com Matt Ingram's site has his comics about grammar, cats, graphic design, tech, running, dogs, Nikola Tesla, and more. Not a daily, but he puts up new content pretty often. Also packaged some content into a book "How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You." Book was on NY Times bestsellers list.
  2. This is primarily aimed at techies who will get jokes about coding. But there are quite a few strips that non-techies will find funny. If you were/are an English major, you might still give it a try. Funnier than I've made it sound. ....................
  4. www.gocomics.com This site has many comics, most of which I had never heard of let alone read before. They have the most recent of each comic, plus an archive of the recent past. Here are a few of my favs on gocomics. Most popular are listed on the homepage, or you can click on "View All" to display every title All strips below are on gocomics.
  5. The Adventures of Business Cat. Www.gocomics.com/the-adventures-of-business-cat. A human-sized cat who walks on 2 legs and wears a business suit and works for a company. But of course does cat stuff. Chuckle level, not belly laugh.
  6. The Argyle Sweater. This is a one panel that is an interesting combination of smart and amusing. Not always super funny, but sometimes absolutely hilarious
  7. Bad Reporter. This strip has fake satirical newspaper headlines. Tagline: "The lies behind the truth, and the truth behind the lies behind the truth" Very political and very funny.
  8. Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Very science funny, a la Far Side. Some about relationships
  9. The Bent Pinky. A one panel, like The Argyle Sweater. A lot are about dogs and other animals. Some belly laugh funny.