I'm left-handed, which doesn't say much beyond the fact that I much prefer using my left hand for writing. Lefties seem use different hands for different tasks. Righties? I'd like to hear from lefties, righties and ambidextrous folks. I'm especially interested in what you use your non-dominant hand (or foot) for.
  1. Me What I basically only use my left hand for: handwriting, silverware, chopsticks, scissors, ironing, toothbrush, hand tools, tennis, one-handed texting, archery. Unscrewing the top off a wine bottle or a jar I seem to be a rightie when it comes to baseball, golf, basketball, guitar, using a mouse. In soccer/football, I kick with my right foot.
  2. You As a suggestion or comment, please say if you are a leftie, a rightie, or ambidextrous. Then list what you use each hand for. If no preference for a task, say that. If you are a leftie but live in a country or culture or family where using the left hand is strongly discouraged, please mention that and how it has affected your handedness.
  3. Thanks!