I was writing this list in my head after overeating at a Turkish restaurant yesterday.
  1. Food, I know we've been together a long time. But, lately I get the feeling that things are not quite working out.
  2. It's not you, it's me. It's never you. You've never judged or criticized me. And I really respect and admire you for that. I judge and criticize all the time.
  3. You've always been there for me. Whenever I was depressed or down. Even at 2 AM. I should be clear: I'm not talking about breaking up. There could never be any other organic chemical compounds in my life that could take the place of your delicious fats, proteins and complex carbohydrates.
  4. I know that I could never do without you. I just need to see you less often. I need to take more time with myself, with my own feelings. And not to use you to just numb things out. I....I just need to figure out how to like myself more for who I am. And to figure out how to eat when I'm actually hungry.
  5. And then maybe things can work out better between us. But from now on I'm going to have to just take it a bite at a time.