1. I was visiting Belize, staying on Caye Caulker. I was one of about 8 people renting a fairly big sailboat (with outboard) for a half day. I was snorkeling and having a great time. I swam over a piece of coral that was near the surface. I didn't quite clear it - my belly scraped along the top.
  2. ...Continued. I suddenly felt this searing pain, like I'd been badly burned. Like really really badly burned. Back on the sailboat, about all I could do was moan and whimper and run in tight little circles. I had swum over fire coral. It has a sting sort of like a jellyfish. I was in pain for hours, although the intensity gradually decreased.
  3. My sister accidentally stepped on a stingray when she was wading off a Mexican beach. She surprised and scared the ray and it stung her. It was Incredibly painful. She went to a local clinic where they gave her something that helped a bit with the pain.
  4. ...Continued. She told me that years later, she met another woman who had also been stung by a stingray, and that this other woman told her that the pain from the stingray sting was even worse than the pain of childbirth.