We had our first snowfall here in Chicago Dec. 4th...pretty late by Chicago standards. Only 3 inches (8 cm). This list is not about today, but what might happen over the years.
  1. It takes a few snows for people to learn how to walk well without slipping. It also takes a few for people to drive carefully without going into a skid. I skidded out on the Kennedy Expwy once, but fortunately went into a big mound of snow by the side left behind by a snowplow
  2. I keep 2 snowshovels in the trunk of my car (I put them there a few hours ago.) Also, a pickaxe that a friend moving out of the country gave to me. The snowshovels break up snow, the pickaxe chops thru ice. Once, I was digging out my car after a major storm, and this woman came out to dig her car. All she she had was a tiny toy shovel, the kind
  3. Continued.....kids have with a little plastic pail at the beach. She'd waited too long to buy a snowshovel, and they were gone from the store shelves. It would have taken her hours and hours to dig out with that toy shovel. I lent her one of my snowshovels.
  4. Some drivers try to gun the engine if their car gets stuck in icy snow or on ice. Which,of course, makes it even icier. Sometimes, a few people pushing gets them unstuck. Sometimes, my handy pickaxe chops away the ice. Putting sand or floor mats under the tires sometimes helps.
  5. Sometimes, tall buildings downtown put signs on the sidewalk that say "Caution: Falling Ice." One poor young woman got killed by a falling chunk of ice some years ago.
  6. Sometimes, after a blizzard, you see a few people cross country skiing down the street. Skis or snowshoes are once in a great while the only easy way to get around.
  7. Where the subway trains run aboveground, sometimes there is too much snow on the third rail, which normally supplies electricity. The subway line is shut down until they can brush/sweep the snow away.
  8. Sometimes. after a person has dug out a parking space after a big storm, they leave behind a junky old chair or other furniture. That means dibs, this is mine. Not strictly legal, but not a smart idea to park in one of those spaces. Though, someone who still claims dibs that way a week later is seen in as something of an a*hole.
  9. I've been talking about the negative side of snow. But it is very beautiful, coating everything in its white mantle. There is sledding and tobogganing, too. But I'm always happy when baseball season begins.