1. I got a call from a friend this afternoon: Black Friday. Would I like to come with her that night to see "Hamilton"? Her husband was too sick to go. She had won two $10 tickets in the lottery they have (which I had told her about).
  2. That really lifted my mood. And the show (the Chicago production) was fantastic, the singing, the dancing, and the story of the USA's beginnings intertwined with Alexander Hamilton's life. And our seats were front row center. We were about 10 feet from the actors when they came to the very front of the stage.
  3. Sometimes wonderful things come out of the blue.
  4. If you feel like entering the lottery for $10 Hamilton tickets (Chicago or NYC), go to lottery.broadwaydirect.com. You enter for the next performance, so if you win you will have just hours to get there, so you have to live within a few hours of Chicago or Manhattan.
  5. You never know when good things will suddenly come your way.