1. It's where introverts can go to make friends. On their own terms.
  2. There is such a huge variety of different kinds of people on here, sharing what is important/interesting/funny. Sharing hopes, fears, what happens at their job or at school. Embarrassing things (admitting embarrassing things doesn't come easy to me). Choices in books, albums, movies.
  3. People from all over the world, which is great. I only have a few friends outside the US, and it's good to hear from lots of people
  4. People are supportive and kind. No trolls. A community.
  5. How many people are following you seems to be largely a function of how many people you follow, how many comments you make on people's lists, and how many lists you like. I used to pout about my lack of followers until I slowly figured this out. Unless you're a celebrity. It looks like celebrities get people following them pretty effortlessly.
  6. LI.ST helps me be more creative. I have to dig into my experience and figure out what might be worth sharing. Stuff that's not quite material for FB or other social media.
  7. The recommended people/publications are pretty good. Likewise, the relists that the people I'm following put up are excellent and expose me to more interesting listers.
  8. I like that LI.ST doesn't seem to be aiming for huge numbers of users.
  9. It's not paid for with intrusive advertising.
  10. I've gotten a few friends IRL to try LI.ST. Thanks @is1512 and @mahamudrarumba !!
  11. Il y a quelques listes en francais! Merci @Lisa_Fav !!