I try to do a face mask every Sunday evening to relax and rejuvenate for the week ahead. Sometimes I forget or I don't have any in the house. There are much more expensive/highbrow ones out there but I'm not the one to ask about that. One day I will be. Until then, here are some of my favorite affordable masks.
  1. Forever 21 love & beauty Sheet Masks
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    love & beauty is their house brand of cosmetics. I am almost positive these sheet masks are actually some other bigger and better brand just packaged under the forever 21 name, but I can't prove it. These cost like $1 or something ridiculous. I don't go out of my way to buy them because stepping into a F21 is a chore, but when I'm there I grab a bunch. They have multiple kinds for different skin types. F21 does also have mud masks but I have not tried them. I will get on that and report back.
  2. Que Bella @ Target
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    Okay these are hands down my favorite masks for the price and the packaging. You can get them at Target. They should be near the Burt's Bees products. I have tried all of them and I love all of them. They have sheet masks, mud masks, and those ones that dry and then you can peel off in one or a few pieces like glue. The most expensive ones are like $2.50/mask. You can probably get more than one use out of the masks that's aren't sheet, but I usually use it all up and apply it to my neck & chest
  3. Lush
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    Some people think Lush is expensive but I say stfu. You're getting freshly made, natural, vegan products. They're not gonna be free. The masks I usually go for at lush are about $8. There's probably enough in there for 2-4 masks depending on if you're lathering up your whole décolletage (I am). A con is that it needs to be refrigerated and you need to use it within a couple of weeks. A pro is that you'll then mask frequently. Also save your containers! Bring them back to lush & get a free mask!
  4. Sephora Masks
    Look I KNOW these feel expensive because they're six bucks a pop and you only get one but like...you can spend $6 a week to look and feel good. You'd be spending it at Starbucks so why not?! I swear the green tea mask fixes my face instantly.
  5. Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Masks
    These are $25 for 4. It seems pricey but again, that's $6.25 a mask, and you'd be spending it on coffee or a smoothie or something dumb. Your skin deserves it! I love these but I don't buy them as often as I should.
  6. Honey & Brown Sugar
    Don't have any face masks in your house or you're on a tight budget? No problem. Just mix together some honey and brown sugar and slather it on. It helps with red skin and inflammation or something. Bonus: when you rinse it off, scrub! A mask and exfoliator in one!!
  7. Greek Yogurt & Honey
    I am "allergic" to the sun. I have to reapply sunscreen constantly. I am very good with it and I rarely if ever get any sun damage or burns bc I've been there. But after a long day in the sun, sometimes you just need to help your skin, even it it looks okay. Greek yogurt is great for sun damage and honey is super soothing. I don't eat Greek yogurt but I keep it in my fridge in the summer just for this reason.