Best Açaí Bowls in LA

Hi, I'm Lauren and I am addicted to Açaí bowls. Please add some so I can try all of them, thank you.
  1. Live Right Açaí
  2. Earth Bar
  3. Backyard bowls
    Suggested by   @jon
  4. Rawberri!!! Get the Boho Bowl.
    Suggested by   @gremlin
  5. Berry Bowl in Highland Park
    In my experience, they're always overwhelmed and take too long - but once you get the product, it's delicious!
    Suggested by   @angusisley
  6. juice crafters
    Suggested by   @Dustin
  7. UbaTuba
    Suggested by   @Laura
  8. The Hive
    Suggested by   @Laura
  9. Dogtown Coffee
    on Main St. in Santa Monica
    Suggested by   @duro