Requested by @StuckOnThe7
Thanks for asking!! I'll update as I think of more.
  1. Vedge
    Rich Landau is a GOD. This is hands down the best vegan food of all time and also the best food period in Philadelphia and also maybe the entire world.
  2. HipCityVeg
    You absolutely must get the Crispy City Ranch sandwich (with Buffalo), fries with the Sriracha dipping sauce, and a milkshake. This is one of those places where your non vegan companions won't believe you that it's actually vegan.
  3. Blackbird Pizzeria
    Vegan pizza, wings, sandwiches. I've gone here multiple days in a row.
  4. El Camino Real
    Not strictly vegan or vegetarian but the best veggie wings probably in the entire world tbh.
  5. Dos Segundos
    Again, not strictly vegan or vegetarian but great options and the best margaritas in the city.
  6. Memphis Taproom
    Great bar in a non touristy location wth amazing non healthy vegan and vegetarian options.
  7. Charlie Was A Sinner
    All vegan. Tapas and cocktails and low lighting!!!
  8. Zahav
    Israeli food by my celeb chef crush Michael Solomonov with plenty of veg options and unbelievable hummus.
  9. Dizengoff
    All hummus all day by my MCM Michael Solomonov.
  10. Cafe Lift
    Great vegetarian brunch options. I've tried to eat vegan here and I fail every time bc it's not possible but this is the best brunch in the city IMO.
  11. V Street
    Owned by Richard Landau. Easier to get reservations than Vedge.
  12. Bar Bombon
    Entirely vegan menu of tacos, nachos, empanadas, and more. Also a good place to take non vegans/vegetarians because they won't be able to tell the difference.
  13. Sabrina's Cafe
    Great brunch place that makes everyone of all dietary restrictions happy.
  14. Loco Pez
    A hole in the wall taco place that tweets last minute once a week that there's a surprise $1 taco night. You might wait 90 mins for a table on that night but well worth it and lots of vegan and vegetarian options. Also you can hang out at other bars in the area while you wait.